Real chessboards will always be preferred to playing and training on a computer. The beauty and elegance of many luxury chess sets come from the materials which they are made of. There are a variety of natural stones that are used to create chess boards and pieces, and a few of these include granite, alabaster, jade, onyx, and marble among many more.

There are very unique appearances achieved from these different stones, and they come with well-expressed colors. Classic designs have been seen to be the result of some marble chess sets which would eventually cost some fortune to be paid by prospective owners.

The list below (according to: Best Chess Sets Review ) should show us the best marble chess sets available;

  1. The 16″ Marble Chess Set American Design – Black and Coral

This chess set is among the very beautiful marble designs released in 2018. It has a natural outlook with a Black and Coral patterned fossil stone colour; the appearance also reveals swirl and veins that confirms that there are no duplicates of the same design. The 16″ Marble chessboard is quite weighty from its stone material, and it provides a confident foundation for smart play.

  1. Alabaster Chess Set with Wood Frame – Black and Brown

This fabulous chess set is a 15″ chessboard with 1.5-inch squares built on a wooden frame. It features the black and brown natural alabaster stone blend. The outlook is luxurious and the texture appears soft and excellent.

If what you need is a high-end luxury chess set, then the uniqueness of Alabaster signature sitting on a wood may be just the right choice for your taste.

  1. 13″ Onyx Chess Set – Pink and Swirl White

The breath-taking texture of this gorgeous chess set is mostly the first attraction when players walk into the room where it is set. The chessboard replaces the black patches on its pattern with swirling dark natural colors.

The stone maintains its raw outlook even with its shiny polished finish. The Onyx stone is a Mexican piece, and the production involves a completely hand-carved process. There are a lot of color variations with the 13″ Onyx Chess Set, but the pink and swirl white is our choice for the most striking appearance.

  1. 16″ Marble Chess Set – Green and White

This is a green and white variant of the fossil natural colored marble chess set; it has very classic styled designs which portrays a very attractive glossy finish. The material gives it a weighty board, and this serves the chess gameplay appropriately.

The swirl and stone veins on this chess set is unique to this product; and the color tone usually registers quickly with the players’ motivation and practice style.

  1. Deluxe European Black and Botiano Chess Set

This marble chess set features a unique design which has the Botiano border style. It is a natural looking pronounced black and very bright white combination of exclusive European styling.

It appeals to particular playing styles, and maybe your style will match the texture and elegance of this creative and compelling stone chess set.

Many of these marble chess sets are our choice selections because of the creative combination of design and fabrication method which are reflected in their glossy appearance. They can easily become an antique possession as you forge further with your chess passion.