Best Chess Tables

Playing chess usually calls for all the attention which the players can get, and also attention needs to be given where concentration can be summoned. Tables invite the atmosphere for specific focus into any room, and their designs can channel attention in the best directions.

The best choice to go with may be affected by different tastes of different individuals, but we will go through a list of best chess tables available in the market;

  1. Deluxe Pedestal Wood Table

This table is an Italian wood produced piece; it is made of pedestal wood that has its beautiful squares engraved with walnut wood and fine maple. There is an inlaid mosaic border that completes its unique beauty. The finish is very shiny and attractive, and it creates an atmosphere for admiration in your home or office space.

  1. 4-in-1 Foldable Game Table

Being made of beach wood, the 4 in 1 game table is capable to stand up to rough treatment from children. The table includes game boards for checkers, dice, chess, and backgammon.

This is a modern chess table design that is inspired by the idea of folding and unfolding. It has three compartments which includes two drawers and one open shelf; these spaces can hold game pieces and clocks. The table displays three board surfaces when it is completely open, but displays only the chessboard surface when folded up using its unique hinges design.

  1. 19 Inches 4 in 1 Chess Game Table

The 19 inches square chess table has a small size that would comfortably inspires children to practice their chess skills. It accommodates the different board games like chess, backgammon, checkers, and a plain top when you want it to appear as a basic table at home.

This chess table does not include the chess pieces although it has a drawer for storage and the pattern for the game. This table has appropriate stability although its wood type is the regular quality.

  1. The 3-in-1 Wood Chess Table

Here also, you have a multi-purpose table with unique features added to its simplicity. It features a spacious storage and a reverse board which can also be removed in a case you want to play any game away from the table. The table comes with a light wood colour and it has all the game pieces needed for the three games which it accommodates in its design. This table is beautiful, functional and simple.

  1. Briarwood Lacquered Chess Table

This an Italian crafted table with a modern design featuring a rich style in design. It has four wood legs have floral inlay, it can fit into small spaces. It comes in mostly two different colours including Elm, and the second being Wine colour. There are no cabinets or drawers’ storage on this chess table, but the platform way below the table top can be used to place chess pieces during a game.

Picking one of these tables will require some decisions from you after proper considerations on material, size, storage, shape and pieces. Price consideration will eventually depend on your budget and enthusiasm.