Best Luxury Chess Sets

Possessing a valuable equipment for any game or sports always makes players feel quite more important in their role. Chess sets have more influence with a striking aura that commands the interests of new players and experts to move a piece on the board. The appearance of the pieces creates the feeling of owning a Kingdom that needs your attention. This aura is more pronounced with luxury chess sets, and they are a possession which so many people dream to own.

The quality of a luxury chess set costs as much as the prestige which it brings to your room. It invites the motivation for players to train towards wielding control over the game as the sets treat the eyes to a beauty. A chess player will most definitely prefer playing with luxury chess sets to an ordinary plastic material.

Let us take a look at these extremely luxurious chess sets and the prices they go for in the market.

  1. Jewel Royale Chess Set

This luxurious strategy game set is a partnership project embarked on by Jewel Royal and the jewelry design company, Boodles. There were so many rumors on different websites concerning the project as soon as it was announced, and the partners created a ‘King’ piece to prove the authenticity of the news.

The ‘King’ piece is an 18-carat gold figure decorated with rubies. The design is a spectacular spiral with a cherry at its top. The price of the chess set is around $1.3 million, and it takes about four months to complete and ship the set after ordering.

  1. Art of War Chess Set

The Asian theme designed chess set with inscriptions that appear to be ideas on military strategy. This Sun Tzu’s chess set was designed by Victor F. Scharstein with solid gold and decorated with various gems.

The exact price of this chess set is quite not known to the public, but it is reported that the producer refused an offer of about $750,000 being the highest bid for the set. The actual price will definitely be more than the mentioned bid.

  1. Royal Diamond Chess Set

This exquisite chess set took the makers more than 4,500 hours to finish the set. It is made of 14-carat white gold and studded with 186 carats worth of white and black diamonds which amount to about 9,900 pieces.

The artist and jewelry maker, Bernard Maquin produced the concept of this chess set for Charles Hollander, a renowned luxury items company. The Royal Diamond Chess set costs about $500,000 and always sends its glitters all around the room where it sits.

  1. J. Grahl Chess Set

This luxury 14-carat gold chess set was originally designed by Jim Grahl in 1972. The design resembles a 14th-century artistic sculpting, crafted using a technique known as the ‘lost wax.’

There have been copies of this chess set made available at the cost of $450,000; you can go for this set if you plan to own a luxury chess set.

  1. Baccarat Crystal Chess Set

The French luxury glass products manufacturing company, Baccarat celebrated their 250th anniversary in 2014. They designed and made the luxury Crystal chess set out of their very elegant glass designs and hand cut midnight blue crystals. This incredible crystal chess set is priced at around $320,000.

The prices on this list are capable of giving a player the feeling of being important, and this will most likely have some impact on their mode of game play. The list also shows that these luxury and expensive chess sets have the ability to command interest in the game of Chess.

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